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One New Thing
Thursday, June 10, 2004
One New Thing: Making bibliographies easier.

EasyBib was mentioned in the Webb’s Web column in inCite this month. You go to the site, enter in the details of the item you want to add to your reference list, and it formats it. MLA style is offered for free, APA style requires a small subscription fee. If you’d rather not pay (and of course if you don’t have access to EndNote, which I think is still the best software for the job) you could try the Citation Machine. It does MLA:

Reville, Lynette. "One New Thing." 10 June 2004. 10 Jun 2004 .

and APA:

Reville, L. (2004). One new thing. retrieved Jun 10, 2004, from http://nlrp.blogspot.com.

I’d still be checking against the books (is that a small “r” in “retrieved”?), but it’s not too bad. It also tells you how to cite it in-text.
Oh, and if any other Australians try the site out and try to enter a State or Province of publication for a book, I’ve let the Landmark people know that State abbreviations are not limited to 2 characters everywhere in the world. ;)

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