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One New Thing
Monday, May 31, 2004
Yes, I am back! Apologies for the disappearance, but I think I’ve already learnt once before that circumstance can have a way of making blogs difficult to keep up with. But now I am back in the land of libraries, and computers…

One New Thing: Weird things happen when you Search and then Save.

If you save an Internet Explorer file to disk while you have the IE MSN Search sidebar open and a search word entered in the search box, sometimes when you try and reopen the file (with the sidebar still open) it will open what you saved, briefly – then flick to your MSN search results.

This is very, very odd to watch…I can’t see any particular pattern to it occurring, but it definitely happened to a confused student earlier and it definitely happened again when I tested it. I also can’t find anything about it online. Any takers on an explanation?

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