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One New Thing
Friday, May 14, 2004
One New Thing: The machines are getting smarter!

Which is a problem, because just as you learn how to make something work the technology changes and you have to learn it all over again yourself, before you even get to teach it to your patrons.
I’m specifically referring to the photocopiers which have a heart attack if the item to be copied isn’t *exactly* A4 or A3 size (so it can’t automatically work out what to print) and the scanner that sees the tiniest amount of text on a whole page of image and decides that you must want to use OCR, not just make a copy of something. Is it possible to teach a casual user to use this kind of equipment without assistance, short of giving them a 20min rundown beforehand? :)

Friday once more…so have a look at Unusual Libraries. Mostly mobile libraries, this site gives you an idea of the many and varied ways people get access to a local library elsewhere on the planet.
And here’s me worrying about computers. What would it be like to be concerned about whether the library was going to run aground in a storm? Or if the donkey didn’t want to move on? ;)

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