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One New Thing
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
One New Thing: Directories for Australian Governments.

I’m hoping most librarians will already know the Australian Federal Government website at http://www.fed.gov.au and the state level websites: but I wasn’t aware until today about the Councils on the Web listings by the Australian Local Government Association at http://www.alga.asn.au. This makes it so much easier to find a council online than trying to guess how the web address might be put together! And what’s even more amazing is that I have never tried the address http://www.gov.au. But this site not only links to Australian government websites at all levels, it also shows you a picture of each state’s floral emblem as you mouseover the names. :) I’ll add the link to my website…as soon as I get around to updating all the other stuff I haven’t gotten around to yet.

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