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One New Thing
Tuesday, May 04, 2004
One New Thing: Anti-virus tricks: Windows Updates are really useful things!

If you’re reading this, it’s because I’m now mostly sure my PC is not going to be attacked by the Sasser worm. I’m so glad I have IT-savvy friends who tell me what things I should be doing with my computer: and one of those things is the automatic Windows Updates, which can close security holes like these before worms crawl in. So I worked out tonight how to turn these on and check they are turned on. It’s in the Control Panel, and you click System (except in Windows 2000 where you can skip that bit), Automatic Updates, and tick the box that says Keep my computer up to date. Then just adjust the settings so you can control when and what updates you will download and install. (Hint: install anything that’s a Critical Update!)

And also, that bit about running the Sasser removal tool in Safe mode…well I can already restart a PC in Safe mode, not sure about doing it from scratch. This document on running Windows PCs in Safe Mode covers how to do it for various operating systems – seems to be variations on the theme of pressing F8 while the computer is booting up.

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