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One New Thing
Friday, April 30, 2004
One New Thing: Styles in Word

After being unable to convince Word that I didn’t want that Table of Contents all in caps my usual way (highlight, change formatting) I went hunting for the menu where you can change the Style settings and stop the argument once and for all. It’s actually easier to see what’s going on in there…obviously at some point I’ve set up some pretty weird templates accidentally for my Styles because I’ve suddenly found an explanation for some of the other formatting anomalies I’ve encountered with Word lately!

And because it’s Friday, take some advice from a gentleman named Dan on How to Destroy Your Computer. You could also theoretically read it in terms of what *not* to do to your computer, if you wanted. It’s certainly a deterrent to this librarian to leave the pulling-apart-stuff bit of IT work to the IT pulling-stuff-apart professionals. :)

Monday is another public holiday so I’ll be back Tuesday next week.

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