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One New Thing
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
One New Thing: Actually, a short compendium of random things.

1. Subject-specific dictionaries are fantastically useful. Never turn down the opportunity to acquire one.
2. Don’t copy and paste usernames and passwords from one page to another – type them so you know there’s no invisible space at the end of either that will confuse you no end. (Or if you get locked out of something, check that you haven’t pasted extra spaces).
3. Setting public access machines to boot first from floppy and then from CD is a great way to spot forgotten floppies and CDs in the drives. (Hey, can a PC be set to boot from a USB stick?)

Oh I managed to make a bootable floppy – I made a direct copy of the bootable floppy I already had. :) Anyone care to let me in on the secret of making one otherwise? The Windows 2000 way would be perfect…

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