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One New Thing
Friday, March 05, 2004
One New Thing: What patrons can copy in a digital world…

…the same as when we just had photocopiers. Patrons can legally use whatever copying /storing technology they have access to in a library to make copies of information, as long as they comply with Fair Use. Scanners, digital cameras, whatever they happen to have.
And the copyright warning sign, that libraries must have accompanying any technology of this nature that they provide to customers, is to prevent the library being held responsible if a person does get prosecuted for breaking copyright law by using the library’s technology.

Friday again…haven’t had much time to poke around online this week, so I’ll show you something I found fascinating a few weeks ago. The next time someone brings you half a poem or a whole page of text and needs to know the author, perhaps you could narrow the query down using the Gender Genie!

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