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One New Thing
Tuesday, March 02, 2004
One New Thing: Prioritising!

Part of this was learning that there are going to be days where thinking about personal projects like this one is just not possible: librarians are in the business of customer service and when the customers all come back from holidays together and land in your library, they come first. So that’s why no post yesterday, and also why you may find me a bit sporadic the next few weeks. I will do my best!

I have however learnt a whole lot more the past two days about things that are relevant only in my workplace, which obviously I can’t post on a blog and won’t help most of you to know anyhow. But I can say that having an opportunity to learn new things is really exciting for me (well I guess we knew that already!), and even if what I learnt isn’t something that would help in another job, or in the librarian bit of my current job, I do feel that knowing I can pick up new knowledge and be comfortable using it makes it easier to be confident when I am faced with something new. (An angle to consider when you’re thinking about doing some training or something perhaps?)

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