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One New Thing
Thursday, March 25, 2004
One New Thing: Importance of knowing libraries local to yours

I was trying to assist a patron in finding biographical information about someone who lived reasonably locally and was reasonably well-known in their time, which was about 80 years ago. However our collection has no need (at this stage at least) to support this kind of research, so referral to a library better equipped was a better option than sending someone away completely empty-handed. So I’m glad that I am aware of what other kinds of libraries are around here. What’s even more useful is that through various conferences or meetings or mailing lists I’m actually getting to know people who work in these various libraries. What better way to learn what’s available in a particular library than by asking an expert?

By the way, you're right if you think I didn’t post yesterday: it was one of those days where the time and opportunity to sit and type it didn’t happen.

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