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One New Thing
Friday, February 06, 2004
One New Thing: Safer internet for kids: could this mean better internet searchers in the future?

Today is Safer Internet Day for Australia and fifteen other countries. The aim of the day, according to the site, is “the celebration of children’s rights to a Safer Internet”.

The article I read this morning mentions specific training about safer internet for those who work with children, including teachers and librarians. I had a roam around the forum on the Oz-TeacherNet site to see what sorts of ideas were coming out about kids’ safety on the internet. I was quite pleased to see suggestions about instructing kids about using human-edited web directories to find their information. Not only a step towards safer internet browsing, but a step towards better internet searching too, a good move!

NetAlert, which is the Australian internet safety body, has useful information sheets and tips for parents. I have actually spoken to mature-age students who have just started using the internet for research and run into some unsavoury things online – this site could be a good starting point for them too, to help people understand that the internet is what it is, and how to make the experience better. There’s even a sheet for adults.

Now because it’s Friday, a distraction for you: the Shark Tank. If you have ever done any kind of IT support you’ll love this. ;)

Oh, and on an administrative note: thanks to those who have been leaving comments – I should point out that I don’t get notified of comments, so I might be a bit slow in pointing out relevant links that were left. Such as Wednesday’s two!

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