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One New Thing
Thursday, February 05, 2004
One New Thing: I’ve been thinking that maybe the whole idea of a “professional” is based around identifying not when things are right and running normally, but when they could be better. This is actually only vaguely related to the story below:

One of those impromptu, over-the-counter sessions where you teach someone how to find the journal from the citation. I go right from the point where the article was found in the original database…look up catalogue to find out where full text is…click on the link to another database…exact same interface/database title pops up. Brief moment of panic as I wonder if I’m about to lose all credibility…

It was APAIS Fulltext that popped up, whereas the citation came from APAIS which isn’t fulltext, but as far as I know they are pretty much the same. (APAIS is an Australian database if you are wondering what I am on about. ) I got to wondering why there were two databases and not one combined: but I can’t work out why! I’d like to tell you – I’ve been researching – but I guess it will have to wait until I find someone who knows! I’m guessing cheaper price for smaller libraries (and some of us just happen to have both versions), but maybe there’s also a desire to cause havoc and confusion amongst database searchers nationwide. (Or not.)

But in passing I did learn today that you can adjust the size of text on a webpage with the scroll wheel on a mouse if you hold down the Ctrl key, as well as in the View menu. And I found a definition of “bookmarklet” on everything2.com . I can’t link the definition directly I’m afraid, but type in the search box, and ye shall find.

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