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One New Thing
Monday, February 16, 2004
One New Thing: How IE saves files; but not the solution to a problem I encountered.

Internet Explorer 5+ is better at saving web pages than previous versions were, since it does that clever thing where it adjusts HTML references within the files you save on the fly, so that the version you save to disk will load even if the file structure you have isn’t exactly the same as the version you see on the web.

Which is why I am confused as to how copying your saved HTML files (plus the related folders) to a CD-R would cause them to not read at all off the CD.
Suggestions welcome…

Kind of annoying, too, that a frameset page will only save properly when you save as “Web Page, complete”. Particularly when using a frameset is so popular for navigation on most large sites with useful information. Guess I’ll be recommending a lot of copy-and-paste into a word processor, or opening in a new window: I wonder if I am the only one who knows how confusing it is otherwise, to have a bunch of strangely-titled folders inserted into your nice organised folder structure?

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