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One New Thing
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
One New Thing: Australia is introducing spam legislation, similar to the US CAN-SPAM Act.

Firstly, what kind of anti-spam law is acronymed to be called can spam?

LISNews pointed to an article by Ivan Trundle about the introduction of Australian legislation to control spam, Spam Act 2003, which will come into force in April. As has always been the problem, however, it can only be effective on spammers residing within the country of jurisdiction. Plus, as is pointed out in this article, there’s also the side effect of making certain kinds of unwanted targeted advertising legal. But then, if we have to deal with it in our physical mailboxes, I guess there will always be an amount of it in inboxes as well.

I learnt two more things too: one, tips for preservation of library collections (also from LISNews, got my money’s worth today!). I admit I was laughing in parts of this, I know it’s serious stuff, but with a tip like “Don't build a fountain on the floor above your book stacks “ I just can’t stop the mental images…
Two, I learnt that I can go into my Control Panel and select which printer will be the default printer. I don’t think you will appreciate what a discovery this is for me, unless your computer suddenly starts printing all over the place like mine did. :o

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