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One New Thing
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
One New Thing: Answers to my unanswered questions!

Firstly, Sandra Henderson from the National Library has given me a reason for my confusion – or rather, a solution to the cause of my confusion, about APAIS :
“APAIS and APAFT are sold as separate products for the reason you mention - the cost of APAFT is beyond the means of individual small libraries. The vendor, Informit, finds it more feasible to do it this way with the various databases that now have partial full text. (The AMI-Meditext and AGIS -AGIS fulltext are other examples). APAIS is still also a completely stand-alone product for anyone wishing to purchase it on CD-ROM as part of AUSTROM. To some the current division into a citation file and file with linked full text is historic - the APAIS file is 1978+, scanning started only in 1990s for the full text component, but the APAIS file itself has been online since the 70s (and in paper form since the 40s).”
And as a bonus, Sandra also pointed me a link to the jobsearch link for the Government Gazette http://www.psgazetteonline.gov.au/ws/PSEOSearch.asp for those interested in Commonwealth government jobs. I’ll add that to my Employment links.

Also, thanks to Arun’s comment about encoding, and a useful link to this article on Unicode I think I can understand why I couldn’t see those Asian characters last Wednesday. With regards to fully understanding encoding, however, it’s a good thing I’m not a programmer because after reading the article, I should apparently be punished by being made to “peel onions for 6 months in a submarine”.

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