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One New Thing
Thursday, January 15, 2004
One New Thing: Quote: "The originators of this [World Internet Project] project believe that the Internet...will transform our social, political and economic lives. "

Really? Because it's not like it hasn't already? :) What about our research lives?

Now that I am confident in the fact that Internet users like myself are not geeks and that blogging is a powerful tool in the education field, I'm thinking very carefully about a point that Michael from Tame the Web made: that blogs should be touched on in IL classes. I'm trying to remember the last time I informed a student about the existence of listservs for their topics...or mentioned that there is an Invisible Web, let alone starting on blogs. I wonder if all that would be too much for introductory level instruction on using the Internet for research, considering that many students I meet haven't yet mastered clicking on hyperlinks?

And how soon will those K-12 students using blogs in the classroom be coming to ask tricky questions about online trends the rest of us are still catching up on??

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