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One New Thing
Friday, January 30, 2004
One New Thing: Nailing the Spike

Voyage of discovery today into that mysterious Spike feature I ran into on a Word webpage a few posts ago. I get it now: select text to cut and paste, ctrl-F3. Select more text, ctrl-F3. When you empty the Spike all the text you have selected is pasted in one long paragraph. (And all this time I have been copying and pasting one line at a time to get away from that silly little Clipboard icon with a billion items stuck to it that all look the same.)

Emptying the Spike by hitting ctrl-shift-F3 on the computer I am using results in an ICQ dialogue box inviting me to search the Message Archive. However as I went to draft this post in Word I typed “spike” and it offered me the option of entering the Autotext for the word “spike” – that would be the contents of the Spike. Not using the keyboard shortcut directly doesn’t clear the Spike though…have to do that manually under the Autotext menu. Look out ICQ, I’m coming to adjust your shortcuts…(Preferences, Contact List, Shortcuts. I suddenly feel compelled to write *every* detail down!)

Lacking in links as this post is, I’m going to trial posting humour links on Fridays, because Fridays are well suited to this sort of thing (FridayFun, FridayFive). I say trial because if I find something really really good on a Tuesday I may not be able to restrain myself. ;)


I went to Tangognat this morning on a serious librarian reading mission…and stayed to play with You Are A Librarian! Repeatedly. Just keep hitting Try Again. :)

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