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One New Thing
Friday, January 16, 2004
One New Thing: Librarians do a lot of networking and information sharing. I wonder if we all become librarians because we just love telling people stuff? :)

Reading the blog Confessions of a Mad Librarian (who by the way doesn't come across as being all that mad to me?) and some bits and pieces from ALA Midwinter, and it sounded a lot like what I got out of ALIA's New Librarian's Symposiums - being involved, being on committees, listservs, writing for journals and presenting at conferences...Sessions like those always made me feel excited about being in this profession as well, even if actually jumping in and trying some of these things is a bit intimidating. Compared to many long-time and even new librarians, I seem to suffer from a distinct lack of opinionism.

Realising this is why I decided to submit my first ever real opinion-related post to NewGrad (this is instead of just thinking it). Scary! ;)

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