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One New Thing
Thursday, January 22, 2004
One New Thing: *Finally* got around to looking up some of the abbreviations used in chatting and listservs...

...because I may have been reading over them like native speakers of a language tend to do with words they are unfamiliar with. There's a great list (which is even worksafe-ish for the paranoid; it's been censored) on this Netlingo page. And let's face it, you know you've been online too long when you don't need to look at a glossary of netlingo every now and again. Or when you know what the acronym YKYBOTLW means...

I also tried to work out how to get Word to quit opening a document in Normal view when I keep changing it to Print Layout, which I have not yet succeeded in doing. But I found a pretty thorough page on Word 2000 keyboard shortcuts. I'm beginning to be a fan of shortcuts over a mouse because it means less stress on shoulders, less time running around the screen, and it may be my imagination but there are keyboard shortcuts for things I never knew you could do in Word anyway. For example: I get the Clipboard, but what is the Spike??

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