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One New Thing
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
One New Thing: Excel macros are not that scary!

There’s an Excel document I’ve prepared a few times now that is usually pretty tedious to complete: sorting, changing formatting, moving data between columns, checking for duplicate data. So in a bid to remove some of this fiddling around I gave myself a crash course in macros. It’s easiest to record one simple action first, then go into the VB Editor and look at what code has been inserted for you. I’ve been combining basic actions together in one macro so that all the formatting gets done in one hit, including removing all hyperlinks. And I found a page with a formula to identify duplicates in a worksheet, and turned that into a macro. (Although I have yet to work out how to automate the deletion of the duplicates. Suggestions?)

I’m amazed at how much time all this saves!

P.S. Yesterday was Australia Day, which is why I didn’t post.

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