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One New Thing
Monday, January 19, 2004
Many many interesting topics have already leapt out at me today as possible things to
investigate further...and I haven't even read the blogs yet!

However the topic that stood out for me most came up on LIBREF-L, a question about resources for training library staff to deal with difficult customers. I would hope that everyone in customer service gets the opportunity to undertake some sort of training in this field, but judging from what came up on the list I can only imagine that the social climate in libraries elsewhere is vastly different from what I see in my workplace. Which I am quite thankful for...nevertheless I will definitely be checking out some of the articles and information on this list (word doc).

I checked out the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission in the quest for for Australian info and was surprised not to find much on this topic; all I could see was a recommendation to read this paper on Workplace Violence Arising From External Sources from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

By far the best individual publication I found today (by googling...yeah, I know!) was a resource on Client aggression from Comcare, which includes tips on preventing client aggression as well as dealing with it. And this bibliography from the Australian Institute of Criminology covers a huge range of topics.

One New Thing: Be prepared!

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